Claudio Bettinelli studied under J. Geoffroy at the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon, graduating with distinction. The jury awarded him with a special mention for programme originality. That same year, he received a special prize for instrument originality at the Geneva International Music Competition.

His curiosity and passion for music has provided him with different experiences in the worlds of classical and contemporary music, as well as musical theatre, improvisation and even computer music.

He has collaborated with Tempo Reale, the Centre for Music Production, Research and Education founded by Luciano Berio, as well as Musicatreize, the Orchestre National de Lyon and the Opéra national de Lyon. He has performed at UBS Verbier Festival in Switzerland for three years in a row.

He is a solo percussionist with the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, with whom he has brought to life numerous works by contemporary composers and recorded albums. He is also a member of the C-Barré ensemble conducted by Sébastien Boin, the Mezwej ensemble directed by Zad Moultaka and the Odyssée company.

He has interpreted solo several works by composers such as Zad Moultaka, Vincent Carinola and Massimo Botter.

He is drawn to the relationship between music and dance. This has lead him to create the music for different choreographers, such as Ziya Azazi’s Energy and Kismet, as well as Jasna Vinovrski’s Fragile on the Edge and Catch 22.

Through his pedagogical research, he has developed unique technology-driven tools designed to raise the profile of the potential of contemporary music.