Fabrice Jünger is a graduate of the conservatories of Lyon, Villeurbanne and Geneva in flute, chamber music, composition, harmony, analysis, aesthetic, acousmatic music and sound synthesis.He focused immediately on contemporary music, attracted by his perpetual and profound inventiveness and by working with composers. For this, he developed his activity as a performer, composer and pedagogue, notions that interfere each other. Flutist from the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain (cond.D.Kawka) since its creation in 1992, he plays all the music of today and performed as a soloist in many cities (Rome, Porto, Berlin, San Paolo , Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Montreal, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Seoul, Cheonan, Madrid, Stockholm, Moscow …).

The disc called “Les Météores” (sismal records) devoted to Dufourt in which he plays Antiphysis gets Diapason d’or in October 2009 and was nominated for the “victories of Music” in 2010 while his interpretation of Memoriale from Boulez edited by Naïve (2012) is congratulated by Critics.

See below a few of his last activity as soloist:

Antiphysis DUFOURT (Musica Strasbourg in 2004, Lyon 2005, Torino 2009, Milano 2010, Lyon 2012) • La partition du ciel et de l’enfer MANOURY (Music scene in Lyon 2006); • La Maison du Sourd DUFOURT (Warsaw Autumn 2007, 38ème Rugissants – Grenoble 2009). • Shadows EOTVOS (Music scene in Lyon 2008); • L’étude des force AGOBET (Mai aux éclats Loire 2008) • Memoriale Boulez (Madrid 2010, Montbrison 2011).

Attracted by new technologies, he cooperates with GRAME since 1996 to deal with electronic music in real time (Elody, Faust, Max) and developed educational projects aimed at involving public awareness of social and aesthetic issues from contemporary music (projects from kindergarten to high schools ,conservatories of music, thanks to mix and spatialized pieces … Le Rondo de la méduse, Ombres Portées-State comission 2005, Petits rappels and Vol de nuit). Moreover, he composed all kind of concert pieces, with or without electronics (Fireworks, Mury Rosna) and performances combining music and visual (video, lighting, dance, theater ), some are published by editions Notissimo (Leduc) .. Since 2005 he is engaged in the development of cultural exchanges between France and Poland. Meanwhile, he developed his own concept of musical naps; relaxation in order to allow an optimal listening and/or a travel in the limbo of the unconscious.

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