After graduating from the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon in cello in 1994, she continued her training in string trio, included training from the Trio à cordes de Paris and Quatuor Mosaïque. She was selected to play with the Opéra National de Lyon’s orchestra, where she remained for almost 10 years. During this time, she gravitated towards more eclectic repertoires.

She specialises in contemporary music creation, amongst other things, and joined the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain as a violin soloist in 1997. She has played at major contemporary music festivals in both France and abroad, and regularly works in collaboration with composers.

She also plays with the string ensemble La Camerata, in the duo Duo a Due alongside accordion player Christine Paté, and has contributed towards several productions by the ensemble Solistes XXI, lead by Rachid Safir.

She devotes a large part of her time to her passion for early music, classical music and Romantic music, along with period instruments. She has collaborated with ensembles such as La Chambre Philharmonique, Les Siècles, Ensemble 415, Correspondances, Accentus choir, and Les Nouveaux Caractères. She is an active and founding member of the Baroque ensemble Unisoni.

She has been a member of Canticum Novum for almost 20 years, an ensemble which sits somewhere between medieval music and world music. With this ensemble, she has travelled across the globe playing concerts, developing other repertoires and playing unusual instruments, such as the vielle or rebec.

She co-founded Cucurbital Orchestra with flautist Gwénaël Bihan and percussionist Henri-Charles Caget. The trio creates unique interpretations of medieval music, from traditional folk to contemporary creations on gourd musical instruments.

She teaches the baroque cello at the Conservatoire de Grenoble, and plays an active role in developing musical education in schools, hospitals and prisons.