Pierre Boulez - Mémoriale, Dérive 1, Dérive 2

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« The three Works assembled here have more than one feature in common. All three belong to the later output of their composer […]; all three call for modest chambor forces, without electronic extensions […]; all three are conceived as continuations of works in progress; all three work with compositional techniques derived from canon and heterophony; and, finally, all three are dedicated to people close to the composer.

The only exception to this series of similarities is that, while Mémoriale and Dérive 1 were composed fairly quickly, and may be regarded as minor works in view of their brevity compared to their original models, the same is not true of Dérive 2, whose composition stretched over nearly twenty years, and whose proportions were considerably enlarged as the project extended in time. This difference may be observed in the stylistic feaures and musical form of the repective works, ranging from the compact homogeneity of the short pieces to the extensive heterogenety of their large-scale and long-gestating companion. »

Robert Piencikowski

Issue : 2012

Label : Naïve